Antiques Roadshow experts examine and value antiques and collectables.

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Premiere Date: Feb/18/1979


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Antiques Roadshow season 42 episode 8

Season 42, Episode 8: Battle Abbey 2

Antiques Roadshow is at Battle Abbey in East Sussex, where treasures brought along include a diamond ring that was bought for a pound, a 17th-century violin, the most valuable ever brought to the Roadshow, and a unique telegram from Hitler. Some icon...

Air Date: Oct 20, 2019

Antiques Roadshow season 42 episode 9

Season 42, Episode 9: Castle Ward 1

At Castle Ward in Northern Ireland, the finds include a plate from Buckingham Palace, embroidery made from human hair and a traditional Irish wake table....

Air Date: Oct 27, 2019

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